Unconditional Love

Yesterday in my Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much passage, a quote stood out for me:

Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable. – Brenda Ueland

Think about that for a moment.

Not one other person who walks or has walked this earth or ever will walk the earth will be like you or me. We were each made uniquely. No one can compare.

That quote was elevated this morning when I heard Hillsong’s ‘At the Cross’, a beautiful and contemporary hymn that celebrates the love of Christ.

Through my depression – particularly before I was diagnosed – I noticed, markedly so, that on days I listened to Christian music, attended Sunday sermon or spent a few moments – in the shower, car, while pulling on my clothes – just talking to God and pleading with him for help and guidance that I felt a sense of peace; a calmness.

I’ve replayed ‘At the Cross’ a few times just so I could really hear and soak in the message:

I am incomparable, and even with the “flaws” of depression – the anxiety, guilt and shame I often feel – I am still loved unconditionally by my Father. I’m sure it pains Him to know that I feel this way about myself: flawed. But my flaws are what make me unique and while I can’t find a reason to celebrate my depression, I can celebrate that there is security in God through it.



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