Recharging In: North Side, Grand Cayman

I took a few days off with my kids last week … and it was glorious. We had a lovely beach day at Rum Point, North Side.

Okay, technically, this wasn’t a “trip” – unless you count a 45-minute drive to the “country”! đŸ™‚ – but I honestly wanderlust about Rum Point at least once a week. The beach is my absolute favourite place to go if I’m having a downer – or on any day, really – but this particular beach is one of my favourites.


Most of the water at Rum Point is waist-deep or shallower, the virgin mudslides are awesome and it’s so colourful and island-like with its pastel-coloured picnic benches, hammocks and smiling faces. The kids did a bit of snorkeling while I had some much-needed catch-up time with a friend of mine.

20170228_150325After, we drove to another nearby beach where you can find clusters of red/orange starfish of all sizes. Starfish Point – as it’s aptly called – is another favourite of mine. As a child I remember swimming there with a schoolmate who lived nearby.


A beach day was exactly what I needed to rest and recharge after a crazy, busy few weeks at work. Sometimes all we need is a moment to reconnect with our loved ones, ourselves and with nature.


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