A Year of Self-Love: 79/365

Today is International Day of Happiness. This wonderful, intentional movement began in 2013 and is celebrated around the world.

According to the Action for Happiness website, there are 10 keys to happier living; they are:

  1. Doing things for others
  2. Connecting with people
  3. Taking care of our bodies through exercise
  4. Living life mindfully
  5. Learning new things constantly
  6. Having goals to look forward to
  7. Finding ways to bounce back
  8. Seeking out the good
  9. Being comfortable with who you are
  10. Being part of something bigger

There’s even a handy (and colourful!) guidebook that breaks down each of the principles into bit-size, one-pagers that are super easy to read and digest – not at all like cumbersome self-books out there. There’s even a fun poster for each of the principles that you can download and print if one (or more) speaks to you personally, making for perfect freezer door, bathroom mirror or work cubicle reminders.

This year, I challenge you to join the movement and share what really makes you happy on social using the hashtag #InternationalDayOfHappiness so others around the world can share your love and be inspired to share as well. You can find my happiness posts on Instagram at @snazzynazb.

Let’s take over the world with our love and happiness!

Peace and love xo

PS: If you love the cover photo as much as I do, here are more photos of people smiling that I absolutely love.





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