Making a List, Checking it Twice.

It’s not Christmas and Saint Nick won’t be coming down chimneys for another seven months, but I’m making a list of habits that are beneficial to me and those that aren’t. It’s still growing and I’m sure I’ll add to it as the days march on, but we have to start somewhere.

Habits Beneficial To Me

  1. Exercising (yoga, walking, running, CrossFit etc)
  2. Gardening
  3. Praying
  4. Talking to people when I’m overwhelmed
  5. Taking my medication
  6. Taking my vitamins
  7. Getting enough sleep
  8. Saying ‘Yes’ to me
  9. Focusing on my mental health
  10. Loving my body
  11. Being patient with myself
  12. Writing blog posts
  13. Living in the moment
  14. Getting outside
  15. Appreciating where I am right now is part of the journey and not my final destination
  16. Seeing the silver lining
  17. Being spontaneous
  18. Reading articles + literature for education on my illness
  19. Using essential oils to boost my mood
  20. Listening to upbeat music
  21. Trusting God
  22. Recording my thoughts
  23. Being grateful
  24. Laughing
  25. Beach walks
  26. Making small, achievable To-Do lists
  27. Drinking enough water
  28. Testing my blood glucose
  29. Walking a mile every morning
  30. Packing + preparing healthy grab-and-go meals in advance

Habits Not Good For Me

  1. Drinking alcohol
  2. Being lazy – a rest day is good, but not excessively
  3. Trying to do it all / taking on too much
  4. Focusing too much on my mental illness – life goes on!
  5. Beating myself up when I have a downer
  6. Overanalysing
  7. Worrying about things not in my control
  8. Wallowing in self-pity
  9. Being impatient with my journey
  10. Spending too much time on social media – comparison is the thief of joy
  11. Trying to be perfect
  12. Bottling up my feelings
  13. Missing my medication or vitamins
  14. Being indoors for long periods of time
  15. Focusing more on my weight than my health
  16. Gorging on fattening or overly processed foods
  17. Eating too much sugary foods
  18. Not prepping my food for the day/week ahead

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