A Prayer for Depression

When I’m down, Lord, help me find the strength to press on.

When I’m doubtful, remind me that your will is being done, not mine.

When I question why I have been burdened with this illness, open my heart to trust you created me perfectly.

When I’m tired, encourage me to rest.

When I’m frustrated with the kids, remind me to be more playful.

When I struggle to get out of bed, give me a reason to make the effort.

When I’m working my way through a downer, help me to focus on the light I know will eventually come.

When I worry about the future and how it will unfold, keep me focused on the here and now.

When I feel too lazy or fatigued to exercise, help me to remember how I feel after a long walk.

When I have to squeeze myself into my favourite pair of jeans, instead of berating myself, ask me to love the body you created just for me.

When I’m distracted or overwhelmed at work, help me focus on doing small, manageable tasks.

Remind me to slow down, breathe, enjoy the good days – moments! – and to be patient with myself through the downers.

And if I ever feel alone, remind me that in You I can always find relentless love, unwavering grace and unconditional acceptance.

Naz xo


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