Why I Started this Blog

It’s a scary thought knowing you’re putting your must private and intimate thoughts out there in the universe for someone to read, particularly when the topic of discussion is depression: a disease that’s hardly understood and talked about even less.

I was diagnosed with depression in late 2016 and, after leaving the doctor’s office with my diagnosis, I found it incredibly hard to find information on depression. Where do I start?! I asked myself. I searched book stores, trolled websites, asked friends and family, read articles and more.

I started this blog as a way to gather in one central location all of the articles and resources I’ve since found useful on the “dark days” and how to live through them. Diagnosed Depressed is a centre of resources and coping mechanisms that I’ve personally tried and/or am researching and a place to learn more about alternative therapies, like meditation, mindfulness, colouring, gardening and exercise.

I’m still finding myself on this journey through depression and continue to remind myself to be patient – with my medication, my body, my progress. One day I hope to read an entry and see how far I’ve come.

Until then, I hope that you will find something here that answers questions you may have about your illness and that you are inspired to continue to fight.

Peace and love xo


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