8 Fun, Mindful Activities for Parents and Kids

I was studying psychology and volunteering on a helpline at an anxiety recovery centre when I really began creating my own mindfulness practice. After struggling with stress for much of my life, I was grateful to discover such an empowering way of managing it. And the more mindful I became, the more benefits I discovered.... Continue Reading →


Why Coloring Could Be The New Alternative To Meditation

Currently, six of the top 20 selling books on Amazon are adult coloring books. The unlikely pastime for those of us who have successfully graduated from kindergarten has been gaining popularity of late, as an easy means to express oneself and de-stress along the way. The activity not only provides a low-stress, low-stakes way to... Continue Reading →

Resources for Depression

I am surprised - shocked even - that I've found such a limited number of printed resources covering the topic of depression. I personally like a tangible book to highlight and make notes in the margin, but there are a number of blogs, websites and the like that I've found helpful. As I walk this... Continue Reading →

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