World Mental Health Day 2017

An open letter to everyone who's been #diagnoseddepressed: You are not alone. There's always someone to talk to, someone to cry with, someone's hand to hold, someone to lean on when you need help. There's always someone who's been where you are and there will be someone in that exact mental space tomorrow and the... Continue Reading →


A Year of Self-Love: 171/365

I've been slacking lately; slacking from my Year of Self-Love. Beating myself up instead of appreciating where I am right now in my journey with depression. Regretting the past and stressing about the future rather than living in the moment. Falling into the everyday routine of home/traffic/work/traffic/dinner/laundry/bedtime rather than sprinkling moments of spontaneity. But mostly,... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for Depression

When I'm down, Lord, help me find the strength to press on. When I'm doubtful, remind me that your will is being done, not mine. When I question why I have been burdened with this illness, open my heart to trust you created me perfectly. When I'm tired, encourage me to rest. When I'm frustrated... Continue Reading →

Making a List, Checking it Twice.

It's not Christmas and Saint Nick won't be coming down chimneys for another seven months, but I'm making a list of habits that are beneficial to me and those that aren't. It's still growing and I'm sure I'll add to it as the days march on, but we have to start somewhere. Habits Beneficial To... Continue Reading →

A Year of Self-love: 138/365

Today I am 34-years-and-one-day-old. Yesterday, I was spoiled and pampered, my phone constantly beeped and buzzed with well-wishers on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. My kids showered me in bougainvillea petals (really) and my mom called to sing Happy Birthday with her usual song and dance. I dyed my hair pink and purple, treated myself to... Continue Reading →

A Year of Self-Love: 114/365

I could feel myself slipping - the weight of a depressive episode dragging me - what with my recent ankle injury. But I fought and fought and fought. I refused to give in this time. The last seven days I have been on a mission to get back to where I was previously: a mental... Continue Reading →

A Year of Self-Love: 100/365

Today officially marks my hundredth day of The Year of Self-Love. In theory I should be in my garden surrounded by the smell of soil and the sound of chirping birds; or I should be walking my way to a healthier, happier me; or I should be strengthening my body and soul through yoga; or... Continue Reading →

A Year of Self-Love: 89/365

Every week for four solid weeks I've accepted the request by a Fitbit Friend to join a 'weekday hustle'. The objective is to win with the most steps taken in the current work week. So far, I haven't won. I'm up against some tough competition. Two of the women hustling in my group are elite... Continue Reading →

A Year of Self-Love: 79/365

Today is International Day of Happiness. This wonderful, intentional movement began in 2013 and is celebrated around the world. According to the Action for Happiness website, there are 10 keys to happier living; they are: Doing things for others Connecting with people Taking care of our bodies through exercise Living life mindfully Learning new things constantly... Continue Reading →

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