5 Health Benefits of Traveling to the Caribbean

Traveling is a wonderful part of life and can have a number of health benefits for your spirit and your mind. One of the top vacation destinations on earth is the beautiful Caribbean! What can travel to the Caribbean accomplish for your health? 1. Reduce your stress levels. Getting away to a relaxing tropical paradise... Continue Reading →


Recharging In: North Side, Grand Cayman

I took a few days off with my kids last week ... and it was glorious. We had a lovely beach day at Rum Point, North Side. Okay, technically, this wasn't a "trip" - unless you count a 45-minute drive to the "country"! 🙂 - but I honestly wanderlust about Rum Point at least once... Continue Reading →

Recharging In: Key West, FL

I'm a firm believer that travel is a form of therapy, especially for those suffering with depression. It's something to look forward to in your future, the building excitement releases those feel-good endorphins and, for those few days you're away, you have the opportunity to rest, reflect and recharge your body. So I was thrilled to... Continue Reading →

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