A Year of Self-Love: 171/365

I've been slacking lately; slacking from my Year of Self-Love. Beating myself up instead of appreciating where I am right now in my journey with depression. Regretting the past and stressing about the future rather than living in the moment. Falling into the everyday routine of home/traffic/work/traffic/dinner/laundry/bedtime rather than sprinkling moments of spontaneity. But mostly,... Continue Reading →


Walk Off Depression

For the more than six million men in the U.S. who have depression each year, researchers have some advice: walk it off. Activities like running and working out can reduce anxiety and improve mood. It’s not just vigorous exercise, however, that has these kinds of benefits. A new study, published in Mental Health and Physical Activity,... Continue Reading →

A Year of Self-Love: 89/365

Every week for four solid weeks I've accepted the request by a Fitbit Friend to join a 'weekday hustle'. The objective is to win with the most steps taken in the current work week. So far, I haven't won. I'm up against some tough competition. Two of the women hustling in my group are elite... Continue Reading →

How to Fight Depression Fatigue

Living with major depression can be challenging when you're also dealing with fatigue, a common depression symptom. Not only can fatigue disrupt your daily routine, it can also make it harder to take the steps needed to get depression under control. “Major depression causes a total lack of energy that doctors call ‘anergia,’” says Stephen... Continue Reading →

2017: A Year of Self-Love

What if this year you made a vow to yourself that you will love yourself more? What would that mean to you? For me, it means I will: Live in the moment rather than worry about tomorrow, the next day, the next year, my next career move etc Avoid overanalysing every little detail Appreciate how... Continue Reading →

Resources for Depression

I am surprised - shocked even - that I've found such a limited number of printed resources covering the topic of depression. I personally like a tangible book to highlight and make notes in the margin, but there are a number of blogs, websites and the like that I've found helpful. As I walk this... Continue Reading →

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